Un-Posed and Natural

Whether it's your wedding day or engagement photos, I pose in a way that's natural to you so you feel comfortable 100% of the time. We'll carefully create something amazing together that's unique to you and your story. I want to give you photos that scream YOU and tell your story in a beautiful and true way.

posing in a way that's natural to you so you feel comfortable 100% of the time

"Erin was outstanding. She was prompt and professional...We got more than our money's worth for her amazing work. Book Erin if you get the chance!"

- olivia P.

"We love the unique, natural and just genuine engagement photos she took of us... we look like "us" and the love that we feel for each other shows in the photos she captured. We will cherish these pictures for years to come!"

- morgan c.

"Erin was great. Very professional and courteous. She took beautiful photos and even ACCOMMODATED with an extra day of photos when the weather did not permit us to! Totally recommend her services."

- joanna b.

"Erin's photography style is absolutely stunning and full of life and color...She also has a knack for catching those sweet, romantic moments and all the feelings behind them...We definitely recommend her to everyone!"

- elizabeth r.

Hi, I'm Erin!

In 2017 I decided to stop treating photography as my hobby, and make it my profession instead. I capture weddings because there is nothing more special than witnessing two people deeply in love unite as one under God. And I still cannot believe I get the privilege to call this my job.

We got married during winter break of our senior year of college at the age of 21. (we were living that young and broke life for sure). We love to adventure, be silly, and have random dance parties. we're mostly likely that weird couple amongst our friends, but we've learned to embrace it.

we have a little starter home outside of wilmington, nc and two sassy cats named jack and nemo. although we live at the beach, we try to visit the mountains as often as we can. we believe jesus christ is our lord and strive to glorify him daily in our marriage.

And this is my husband, Brandon.

image by: Ryn Loren

Some fun facts about me:

I am obsessed with corgis.
My favorite music is 80s and 90s hip hop.
I wear little to no make-up, so people think I'm 12.
My name means Ireland, and I'm proud of my Irish heritage (my ancestors have a castle, nbd).
I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia on a little lake.
I have a big sweet tooth and love candy (watermelon sour patch anybody?!)
I love being outside but I also love to sleep in and stay in my PJs all day long.
I was a ballet dancer for 14 years but can't do a cartwheel to save my life.
My favorite season is fall because I hate being cold and I hate being hot, fall is just right.

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image by: Ryn Loren

Now that you know a little bit about me, will you do me the pleasure and tell me something about you??

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So what are you waiting for?! Let's get to talking about what I can do for you! Be prepared for my goofy weird self and to come away being bffs for life. This is more than just a photo shoot, this is something you'll cherish forever. And I'll make darn sure of that.


based in Wilmington, nc but always on the go. travel fees waived if you catch me while i'm in your neck of the woods! (PS I never charge travel for north and south carolina)

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