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I'm Erin Allenczy (uh-len-z), I am a photographer, business owner, educator, and champion for other chronically ill entrepreneurs. 

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I see you hustling despite your chronic illness. I see you waking up every day, fighting your body so you can have just one "normal day". i see you missing deadlines because you had a flare up. i see you, because I am you. entrepreneurship is hard enough, and add a chronic illness into the mix, and you've got a big old bowl of hot mess. which is where i come in - i'm here championing you on, one day at a time. i definitely don't have it all figured out. but together, we can figure out how to successfully own a business and take care of the most important thing - yourself.

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I have re-branded! You can now find my photography on Authentically You Weddings! Click below to get connected with me and our team of amazing photographers about photographing your special day!

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