Your wedding day is stressful enough.

You don’t need the added stress of a photographer who doesn’t get you.

That’s right. It’s like if a best friend and a kick-butt photographer had a baby.
Friendship + Photography = a match even better than chuck and blair

Ugh, please no to the awkward, posed photos that make you look like you’d rather be anywhere else but in the arms of your new spouse

Hey, there! It’s me… Your new photographer BFF!


My name is Erin.

Here’s my story:

It started in 2008, when I took my mom’s point and shoot camera on a school field trip to Charleston, SC, and spent the entire time staring through the lens. I fell in love with photography that day, and from then on, you couldn’t find me anywhere without a camera in my hand. 

It evolved over time from that little point and shoot to a real DSLR, and by the time I was in college, people had started paying me here and there to shoot for them. I was still just doing it for fun, though, until I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for my friend’s wedding. 

That was when I knew. I had to do this. I had a talent here that aligned with my passion, and there was no way I was doing anything else. 

Around the same time, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I knew that my plans of going onto grad school and becoming an OT were probably out the window anyway. So after graduating from college with my bachelor’s degree in December 2016, I used all my grad money to buy a new camera and open my doors as a professional photographer.

Today, I capture the real, natural, and beautiful moments between brides and grooms, and I strive to be so much more than just another vendor.


A little more randomness about me…

Who has my whole heart...

Jesus, my 2 cats, Jack and Nemo, and my husband, Brandon.

What takes up all my time...

Besides photography? Video games, Netflix, loving on any Corgi I see, ever… THEY’RE. SO. CUTE!

Oh, and naps. 

My ideal weekend off looks like...

Probs hangin’ out with my husband, antiquing with my mom, coffee with friends, and church.

That, or an epic road trip!!

My childhood pastime was…

Ballet! I did ballet for FOURTEEN years! 

My childhood dream job was…

An author, actually. I guess I’ve always been a creative, even if I do it differently now. I thought I was going to write a book by 16… That didn’t happen! 

I’m probably currently eating…

Watermelon Sour Patch Kids. Or pretty much anything sour. 

My favorite animal (besides Corgis) is…

PENGUINS! Have you SEEN how cute it is when they slide on their bellies or waddle???

My hidden talent is probably…

My sense of direction. I am a super good map reader… You’ll never get lost in the woods with me!

The strangest thing in my office is…

By far, a life-size paper dress that my grandmother, (I call her Gaga, she's 96!) made to look like a wedding dress! She named it "Erin's Wedding Dress" and gifted it to me! We had to transport it on the plane from Oregon to NC. That was an adventure!

Something meaningful to me is…

My Harry Potter book collection. My dad would read it to me every night before I went to bed, but I didn't like them until he had to live apart from us for about 6 months due to work. I picked up those books when I missed him and have been an HP fan ever since!

My guilty pleasure is…

A carton of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Core (YUM!) while watching my latest teen drama binge. Right now, it’s riverdale.

The top 5 things on my bucket list are…

1. Go to Ireland and see my ancestor's castle
2. Take a road trip up the California coast
3. See every national park in the US
4. Visit every US state
5. Be a nomad for at least 6 months!


My Unique Photography Method...

I know that photoshoots can be stinkin’ uncomfortable. I know that most of my clients aren’t professional models, and they often feel like they look awkward in pictures. 

SO, I do my best to create a relationship and trust with my clients that lets them feel free to be themselves. 

I also pose my couples in a way that feels and looks completely natural to them. Your photos will come out looking like you actually are enjoying each other’s company… Not like someone told you to sTaNd LIkE tHiS aNd sMiLe.

I create an EXPERIENCE where you’ll dance, play, and maybe even laugh so hard you can’t breathe. (Not for too long, though. Breathing is important.)

If you want your photos to be natural, fun, and completely YOU, you’ve found your girl.


My Promise to You…

I love to laugh alongside you and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera but know I take this job very seriously. Your wedding day will only be captured once, and I can promise you that I will do my best to deliver you images that you can cherish for a lifetime. Which is why I don't change skin tones or colors in any unnatural way. I keep things classically beautiful so they age well with time. 

If you give me the privilege to capture one of the most important days of your life, I’ll pour my heart into your wedding day and hopefully, we'll become friends for a lifetime along the way!


“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity."

Colossians 3:14